Lee McCanny- and this may sound a cliche-  he is a great trainer who I am having sessions with for the last two years. Lee listens to what you want to achieve and creates varied and challenging workout regimes that you can follow. Lee also discusses nutritional background so he can assess that nothing hinders your results. He makes me feel comfortable to discuss any matters with him that may be affecting my performance, and keeps pushing me to another limit every time when I think I cannot do it. Perseverance and enjoyment are key elements to personal training sessions and to keep wanting to become healthier and fitter. With Lee’s sessions you get those feelings and that is why I keep wanting more sessions!

Having Lee as my personal trainer has helped strengthen weaker muscle groups of my body, and helped me build a greater endurance and stamina to push myself even harder every time.

Chrissy Hadjipanteli

Lee is not only very approachable and friendly, he knows his stuff! Lee designed a program that was tailored to my requirements and kept me on track with a variety of workouts and lifestyle choices so I didn’t get bored. I am now fitter than I think I’ve ever been and have definitely toned up. With the help of a healthy diet combined with the exercise, I’ve now lost over two stone. Highly recommended.

Duncan Sparks

I started training with Lee in a bid to lose some of the stubborn fat and to also build muscle. Although it is still early days I can already see the transformation in my body. Lee makes me do different types of exercises both with equipment and also purely body weight. My overall strength and fitness has improved considerably in this very short space of time. I have started to perform exercises which I would have never attempted on my own but Lee has been determined to push me to my limits to get the best results. Also each workout is tailored specifically to my needs and goals, in order to achieve best results. Lee has very willingly shared his expert knowledge on the different exercises and their significance and impact on the different muscles, which has been very valuable for me as it helps me understand the exercise better . Lee has also given me lots of advice on nutrition and even provided me with a food diary which he assesses regularly to ensure I am on the right track. Lee is energetic , committed and a great personal trainer who never fails to impress. I trust and value his guidance and will continue to follow the regime. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lee as a personal trainer.

Deepu Prabhakaran