I have been involved within the fitness industry for the past 6 years and have always had a keen interest in sport and fitness. After gaining my personal training qualification I utilised this to start helping people reach their goals through exercise. Exercise is thoroughly important if you are looking to reach your fitness goals, however without a tailored nutritional plan you will struggle to fully reach your dream goal. As I was working in the fitness industry I soon realised clients could be reaching a much higher potential If we took the time to tailor a nutrition plan specific to them and their goals. This is what triggered me to undertake my nutritional coaching qualification and set up Sustainable Nutrition. I firmly believe that changing your nutrition is a lifestyle change as appose to calling it a “diet” A diet is short term and a research study by “Mann,T. et al.” (2007) showed that “2/3 of adult dieters regained their weight and more after 3 years”. I want my clients to be able to sustain their results and not feel restricted around what they can eat, which is why I have revolved around the concept of “flexible dieting”.